Seller’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Seller’s Satisfaction Guarantee
Before you know why, you have to truly know what this top real estate professional, Karin O’Connor, is offering. First, Karin is promising to give back her commission if you are unsatisfied with her service. She will refund the commission you pay her, no questions asked, no hassles. An offer like this probably sounds incredible, right? Well, incredible is the best way to describe the service Karin provides her clients.

She starts each transaction by really listening to your needs, goals and expectations. She then designs a personal marketing plan that will efficiently find qualified buyers for your home.

Let’s put this in perspective. Imagine your own profession or job. Would you put your paycheck on the line based on your job performance? Pretty intimidating thought, don’t you think? Armed with this perspective, you can see how when a service professional makes a claim, you’d expect nothing but the finest service, right?

You see, therein lies the beauty of Karin O’Connor’s Satisfaction Guarantee. Pure and simple, her guarantee is your assurance that you are hiring the very highest caliber real estate professional to work with your very important home sale. And it certainly is reassuring to know that you can ask for your commission back. But while that is nice to know, it is nicer and more reassuring knowing that you will never have to.

You need to select a real estate agent for a very important transaction that could affect your financial future. Now that you know there is a professional out there willing to back her fine service with something important to her – her commission – it seems to be a clear cut choice who your next agent should be. Karin O’Connor. Call Karin today to find out more about her unique guarantee. You will be so glad you did.

If you would like to have Karin complete a complimentary current market analysis on your property, please feel free to fill out the following information below and she will contact you with the results.