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Andy Doherty

Andy Doherty Licensed Real Estate Professional

617.247.9999 x248

437 Boylston St
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110

Andy was born and raised just outside of Boston. Attending college in the city, he has lived in several Boston neighborhoods over the past 7 years, learning the ins and outs of each. Andy sees Boston as the continuously developing city that it is, experiencing first hand the growth of several of its neighborhoods. Both pride for his hometown and determination to be part of the future of Boston drive Andy’s work ethic in Real Estate.
Andy understands the stress of moving in the city but also knows how rewarding finding the right apartment is. It is his goal to provide expert assistance in finding you the ideal living situation and make moving as pain free as possible. He builds strong relationships quickly and easily with a calm and collected attitude. He is organized and conscientious in his approach to Real Estate, seeing each deal through to its fruition. Andy takes each client as an individual and puts forth great effort in his attempt to find you the perfect home.