Kathleen Dailey

About Kathleen Dailey

Kathleen is knowledgeable and devoted to helping her clients navigate the process of selling their home, looking for a new home or investing in Real Estate so that they can reap the benefits without getting caught up in the process. “I like my clients to feel well taken care of. I’m not here to “sell” you something you don’t want or waste your time. It should be a comfortable and stress-free experience.”
Kathleen Dailey has been a Real Estate Agent at Paragon Properties LLC since 2007. Born in the Boston area, Kathleen has a lifetime of experience. She is knowledgeable and comfortable in all of Boston’s neighborhoods as well as the surrounding suburbs. Her father was a Broker and a landlord and so she comes from a strong family background in Real Estate. As a young woman, Kathleen helped work in her father’s real estate agency, fielding calls, making appointments and acting as liaison between agents, tenants, clients and business associates. She then went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Massachusetts. With her extensive background in the real estate market and her ability to work well with her clients, Kathleen is a natural as an agent.

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