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In need of subsidized housing?

Looking For Housing Is A Full Time Job!

Boston Subsidized Housing
The following information was written by a very smart friend who was forced by illness to enter the subsidized housing system.

The challenges involved in obtaining subsidized housing in this town are not small. This information is designed to assist people in need of subsidized housing.

Everyone has a right to a clean, warm, place to sleep. Every child has a right to remember a “HOME.”

If you are a landlord; please consider taking a few certificate holders as tenants. You will sleep better for it.

If you are a person seeking subsidized housing; read on, and I wish you the best of luck! Your home is out there!

Doug Melcher

Principal Broker, Paragon Properties LLC.

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Seller’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Seller’s Satisfaction Guarantee
Before you know why, you have to truly know what this top real estate professional, Karin O’Connor, is offering. First, Karin is promising to give back her commission if you are unsatisfied with her service. She will refund the commission you pay her, no questions asked, no hassles. An offer like this probably sounds incredible, right? Well, incredible is the best way to describe the service Karin provides her clients.

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